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"I rent cars every 6-8 weeks.  Over the last fifteen years I have used over a dozen brokers & car hire firms but have found Vacation Cars to be the best, no exceptions. I'm not related to them and have never met them. All dealings have been online or by phone.  customer service - and complaint handling - have always been exemplary. "  WM, London - a regular return customer

"I appreciate the foundation upon which your company has been built" BC, Burton - after resolving a dispute

"Thank you for being so understanding and I am still trying to get my head around this shock of yesterday.

I am very appreciative of your help and am sorry to have given you such extra work." BC, Dorchester - after arranging an immediate refund after cancellation due ro illness

1. Damage charges

Protect yourself against charges for pre-existing or fictional damage when you pick up and drop off by being vigilant and taking photos to prove the condition of the car.


2. Excess waiver fees

Take out a third-party excess policy in advance and bring the details with you. If you’re asked to buy more cover when you pick up the car, ask what this actually covers and show the agent what you’re already covered for.


3. Fuel options

The biggest fuel trick to watch out for is being charged for a full tank of petrol, at a price set by the hire company, and being asked to return it empty with no refunds for unused fuel. Always check the fuel policy.


4. Automatic toll payments

If you’re offered a car with toll collecting equipment fitted; ask about the rental costs, whether it’s a legal requirement for the country, and whether it can be turned-off at no cost to you.


5. Unauthorised payments

Check your credit card bills or bank statements carefully after hiring a car. If you’re faced with unexpected charges, complain to us – most of the cases we’ve seen we have managed to resolve.

According to Which?, the Top 5 Pitfalls to avoid when Hiring a Rental Car are: