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Rwandan youngsters take delivery of Affordable Car Hire beach balls


Youngsters in a remote village in Rwanda are enjoying playing with Affordable Car Hire’s beach balls after one of its clients took a dozen with him on a charity mission.

When David Taylor of Vacation Cars spotted Affordable’s beach ball promotion for agents he approached the company to see if he could take some with him to Rwanda.

The UK’s leading independent car rental broker quickly agreed and despatched the goodies to the Uttoxeter-based company, which has worked with Affordable for eight years, so David could distribute them when he travelled to the east African state.

David undertook voluntary work in Rwanda in 2012 and 2013, after his wife Louise carried out a management systems project at the Kigali Genocide memorial with the Aegis Trust.

“During her first deployment, she noticed that the centre had some significant maintenance issues and asked me if I would grab some tools and fly out,” he said. “We became involved in some longer term planning both from a management perspective and from a sustainable maintenance programme"


“We saw the beach ball promotion by Affordable so immediately rang to solicit a few to take out on the next trip to Rwanda, given that balls to play with are very expensive and therefore not attainable as a play-thing for most children.”

He went with a colleague from the memorial to a tiny village on the outskirts of Kigali and spent two hours playing a range of ball games with the youngsters there.

“As we stopped in the village we had a group of around 60 surrounding us, all keen to play,” added David. “All the children could shout as we struggled to leave was, "Are you coming back?’”

Angela Day, CEO at Affordable Car Hire, said she was heartened to see the photographs of the Rwandan children playing with the beach balls.

“When we do these kinds of promotions, they are always a bit of fun for agents, but the fact that youngsters in a village 6,000 miles away really value the beach balls because they cannot get hold of toys very often is really touching,” she said. “I think this is the furthest the beach balls have travelled!”